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workstations C-Box

workstations C-Box

C-Box is of equal value to the design of classic cabinet sets. Thickness of the table tops, desks, legs and upper cabinets rims is 25 mm. Shields, fronts and backs of cabinets and shelving are made of 18 mm board. Lower rims of up to 240 cm offered in the set, can serve as a basis to create any configuration of individual elements. Elegance of C-Box furniture is emphasised by glass doors in aluminium frames. For desks we offer fittings and extensions with arched tops. All cabinets have furniture locks and containers have central locks. The drawers used in particular furniture are equipped with roller slideways. All cabinets and desks are placed on  footers with a possibility of levelling the furniture. c-box set is an excellent suggestion for those who appreciate high quality furniture at a reasonable price.


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